Is it Really Possible to Learn English on Skype?

Is it Really Possible to Learn English on Skype?

Yes. Naturally, each student is different and has different needs, strengths and weaknesses. However, most students can improve their level of English simply by practicing with a native English speaker who is trained to provide gentle correction and assistance. Skype English lessons are extremely effective in most cases as the lessons can include both visual and audio communication. English by Skype can however be challenging if the student has very little to no English. Avo Online English School will assess the student and immediately give an honest opinion of whether or not the particular student will benefit from English lessons on Skype.

What Must I Have in order to Learn on Skype?

An English student must both have a good internet connection and a working microphone and Headset. Avo Online English School will ensure that a Skype English teacher working with this school has a reliable internet connection and a working headset as well as a web-cam.

The student can choose whether or not to use just voice or both voice and camera.

How do we Schedule Lessons?

English Skype lessons are very flexible. When you sign up with Avo Online English School, we will ask you what your preferred times are and assign you to a teacher who can accommodate your schedule.

How do I Improve my English Conversational Skills?

Many students inquire about an online English Speaking Course or English Conversation Course.

Avo English School believes that conversational English is our strong point and we have a proven record in assisting student’s with their spoken English.

Many students want to study English and as a result have already memorized and learned many grammatical rules. However, this knowledge has not enabled them to speak English well.

The main requirement to improve English conversation is practice. But more than just speaking is required. The teacher is trained to assist you when necessary. The teacher does not pick out every mistake you make but will try to listen for repeated errors and then bring these to your attention. At the same time, the teacher is focused on assisting you in growing your vocabulary and helping you learn how to speak English better.

Have you noticed how often we find adverts for learning English, or how to study English online? There are so many of these courses , which leads to the important question, Why?

  There are many reasons why we should learn English, we are only going to mention a few important ones.

  How good is your German, Taiwanese or Zulu? Well, when we go on vacation a big part of our enjoying the holiday is dependent on good communication. Most countries have their own official languages. Statistics show that the chances of people speaking English as a second or third language as well, are very good. One out of every five people speaks English. The obvious point I am making is learn one language, English, and you can talk to almost everybody.

   When you research on the Internet you will have noticed that the language of the world wide web is English, therefore understanding English is a great help. We could also mention here, that any good education in the sciences, mathematics, medicine among many others use English for a lot of their source material. Many students when at University study English online so that they can understand their courses better. Another reason is when they hand in a thesis, they will be able to do it in English. Speaking English well, could mean them having the opportunity to transfer to another very good university in another country. More opportunities are available to those who speak English.

  Like me, I am sure you enjoy a good movie. You also know that translation not always an accurate science. Have you ever read the subtitles on the screen in your language during an English movie, and it just didn’t make sense? I am sure it has happened. Every language has shades of meaning, puns and sayings that make it both unique and special. These are also things where the subtle meaning is lost, if translated into another language. Many movies are made in Hollywood. Most of them are English. So, understanding English will give you a greater appreciation of the films and their content, instead of looking at the subtitles and trying not to miss any of the action while you read.

  So why should you learn English speaking online? Other than the aforementioned reasons, it is FUN and it is VERY EASY! I imagine you shaking your head now, but it is a fact.

  Consider this for a moment…maybe you go to an Italian restaurant …..what music and speech are you going to hear around you, yes Italian. Also by the end of the evening if you have not learnt how to say thankyou and hello, I would be surprised. Surrounding yourself by another language makes it easy to learn, especially in a relaxed atmosphere.

How would we do this with English? Well, there are many English children stories on television. Listen to English music, sing along… doesn’t matter if you don’t understand all the words 100%, you will learn how to pronounce the words, also which groups of words go together. Then when you have your online class you will learn the meaning of these words and be helped with further pronunciation exercises. These are some of the things you learn when you learn English on Skype.

  There are so many platforms that you can use to surround yourself with the English language, all you have to do is start. You will see results if you don’t give up.

  English has one of the easiest alphabets and only five vowels. Also whether you are referring to a table, chair, foot or soccer ball they all are without gender making it much easier than many other languages .

  Another thing people are not always aware of is you don’t have to use big impressive English words when speaking to a native English speaker. Smaller words are actually preferred. Many students all over the globe are answering the call to study English online because they can see how it will help them,

   Why don’t you also

     It will be FUN!      

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