Why our Students love learning English with Avo English

Avo English only uses native English speaking teachers. Our teaches are trained in tailoring lessons to the individual student.

We do not emphasize grammar – in fact we are against teaching grammar in the absence of teaching communication skills. Most of our students already know all the rules, as it were, yet they struggle with communication.

The founder of Avo English is passionate about communication. It is our goal to help students communicate effectively in English, not to train them on grammatical do’s and do not’s.

Speaking English is something anyone can learn. Our teachers operate by the 70/30 rule. Our goal is to do a maximum of 30 % of the speaking. While the student does at least 70% of the talking.

Let us use the example of dancing… Would you be able to learn how to dance from a book? Maybe the book even contains little diagrams indicating where you should place your feet and which beat. Would it be better if you sat in a chair watching someone dance? Yes, that would be far easier. But still not ideal. Ideally, you will get up and dance with a dancing instructor. Of course you may step on their toes a few times and you will definitely make mistakes in the beginning. However, after a while you will be dancing.

Our students are taught not just to read the rules or learn the theory of English. In fact, we do not even want them to just listen to the teachers teaching English! We want our students to open their mouths and speak English. By actually being forced to talk in English with a native English speaker, the student learns how to communicate. We also welcome feedback from our students. We want all parties to be happy. If a student is uncomfortable with a particular teacher, that is perfectly acceptable. We immediately match the student with an alternative teacher.

Language is not an exact science nor is it mathematical. It is rather an art. Just like dancing can be both beautiful and pleasurable – so can communication.

We hope to teach you the art of communication, in English.

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